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Capo Malfatano & Capo Spartivento beaches

One of the most spectacular places on the southern coast.

Along the Capo Malfatano stretch of coast, there is a combination of beaches with greyish sand, impervious cliffs and coves with amber-coloured sand, mixed with pebbles and rocks. The waters are shallow and transparent everywhere, with colours ranging from emerald green to turquoise. Of the beaches on the promontory, one very spectacular one that stands out is called Capo Malfatano, like the promontory, and it is situated between Tuerredda and Piscinnì. Along with Tuerredda, the beach that symbolizes the whole of Sardinia, and the splendid Porto Tramatzu, Cala Zafferano and the Dunes (or Is Arenas Biancas) in Porto Pino, it makes up the coastal treasure of Teulada.

It has medium-grain sand and pebbles, shallow waters and a sandy seabed, as well as inlets with amber-coloured rocks. The waters are always calm and take on a light blue colour, which becomes a deeper blue as you move away from the shore. Not surprisingly, the bay, which is sheltered from the winds, was chosen as a landing place in the 6th century BC, first by the Phoenicians and then by the Punics. Today, you can still see the great blocks of sandstone that formed the docks of the flourishing port, now submerged by the sea, but which can be discovered using a mask and flippers at a depth of just a few metres, close to the shore. In the western part of the beach there is a small beach establishment, from which boat trips set off along the whole coast.

Overlooking Capo Malfatano, there is a Spanish tower, behind which you will find a pond that makes the landscape even more evocative from the point of view of nature. From above, you will have a spectacular view of the nearby bays, particularly the little coves of Punta Tonnara to the west, which can be reached via a steep descent, towards the little island of Tuerredda and, in the distance, you can see the sea stacks of Capo Spartivento.

Is Molas Golf Club

Is Molas Golf Club is home to history, hospitality and a cosmopolitan spirit shared by golfers from all over the world gather to enjoy days of leisure and relaxation in one of the most spectacular scenery on earth.
When you dream your perfect day, you dream about Is Molas: a great golf course with its 27 holes enlarging over a distance of about 10 km, the spectacular scenery of wild nature, great golf, great food traditions of the island, a company wonderful to play with.

Always among the top 10 golf courses in Italy and recognized among the best in Europe, home to Italian Opens and international competitions, Is Molas is not just a golf club but also a resort that offers travelers the facilities of first class : a clubhouse with restaurant, bar, swimming pool and conference rooms, a 4 star hotel with swimming pool, restaurant and bar, studios and a beautiful beach club on the gulf of Nora.

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